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About the project

Lahore info is a city directory project that serves a complete business directory with detail for each business such as education, medical, industry, marriage halls, restaurants, banks, offices & departments etc. Project has a whole set of other services such as jobs posting within a city, news, events happening within city.

Project offers their visitors to socially engage with website, leave comments and share information through a variety of social media services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google Plus. The city portal not only share information to its visitors but allow them to add new business listing, post and apply jobs, create events and share news on the website. The website has dedicated templates for parks and attractions. Site is also loaded with rich media contents such as videos, local radio channel streaming and many picture galleries. Many small widgets makes the website even more powerful such as weather widget, Cricket and currency exchange widgets. Website also briefly covers city historical values.

Written by Waheed